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Drink Coffee, Lower Your Diabetes Risk

3 May 2014 | Added by Nigell Lee

Here's your excuse to drink an extra cup or two in the morning

The claim: Upping your daily coffee intake by 1.5 cups—or roughly 12 ounces—can lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, finds new research from the Harvard School of Public Health.

The research: The ...

The Biggest Trends in Franchising

1 November 2013 | Added by Nigell Lee

When you break it down, franchising is simply a proven method of distributing products or services. But franchising happens to be a business approach that is booming at a time the rest of the U.S. economy is treading water.

“The franchise sector continues to grow adding 184,000 jobs...

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

31 October 2013 | Added by Nigell Lee

A cup of coffee a day keeps the doctor away? For those of you who can’t part with your morning cup of joe, take heart: Turns out a daily dose of java comes with a number of surprising health perks. Once considered a toxic vice, coffee is now being touted as one of the healthiest beverages o...

Business Idea: Part-Time Franchise Ownership

30 October 2013 | Added by Nigell Lee

For those who want to get their foot in the entrepreneurial door and still keep their day job, starting a part-time business is a great solution. But what if you don't have the creativity or resources to launch a startup? Purchasing a franchise eliminates the need to come up with an original idea...

Coffee breaks cost us $11.4 billion a year, but only a mug would say no...

30 October 2013 | Added by Nigell Lee

EMPLOYERS have a reason to discourage their workers from ducking out for a coffee, with new ABS figures showing it costs Australian businesses $11.4 billion a year in a loss of productivity.

A staggering 63 per cent of the state's workers drink an average of 1.02 cups of takeaway coffee e...

Want a Coffee, Mate? Australian Cafes Selling New York on Down Under Tradition

30 October 2013 | Added by Nigell Lee

Specialty cafes are being opened across the city by a wave of young Australian entrepreneurs who want to change the way New Yorkers drink coffee.

While many people think Australia's favorite brew is beer, the country is perhaps equally obsessed with coffee, a culture that began with a wav...

Who Made That Coffee Lid?

30 October 2013 | Added by Nigell Lee

In the late 1970s, when you ordered coffee to go, you usually had to tear a hole in the plastic lid if you wanted to drink through it. This maneuver was so awkward that you risked burning your hand. So in the 1980s, a number of food-packaging engineers tried to fix the problem. William and Kennet...

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