How to enjoy stunning CAFE style Cappuccinos and Lattes at your Workplace

The solution is simple, OUR Total Risk FREE Espresso Coffee System provides you with:

1. A STUNNING Fully or Semi Automatic Cappuccino Machine complete with Fridge.
2. Our fresh roasted 100% gourmet Arabica coffee beans and ALL consumables excluding milk.
3. Personal Weekly Service from a Franchise owner who makes sure the machine operates like new.
4. Same day replacement guarantee if your machine ever does stop working.
5. We simply charge on a per coffee basis you only pay for what you consume.

Now you, your staff and especially your clients can have CAFE quality Cappuccinos and Lattes right in the workplace

Enjoy all these benefits for as little as 80c per cup consumed*

five star concierge coffee service

The Ultimate Barista in your own office

Our coffee machines are so simple and easy to use, they even froth the milk for you. It's like having your own personal barista on tap. Our computerised barista machines also brew cafe standard 10-12 grams of beans in every cup. It delivers your favourite choice of coffee at the touch of a button and all in under 1 minute.

A Dedicated Coffee Concierge for your business

Your barista quality coffee machine will be personally cleaned and serviced every week by one of our Coffee Concierges, an Xpresso Delight Franchisee, who OWNS and maintains your machine and ensures you can always enjoy great Cafe quality coffee with in-house convenience.

A 4 Hour Repair or Replacement Guarantee

In the unlikely event your coffee machine stops working all you need to do is contact your Coffee Concierge and they will personally attend within 4 hours. They will either repair the machine on site or have the machine replaced within 24 hours. All repairs are completed at NO COST to you as we own the machine. We provide an unheard of "Forever Warranty On Your Coffee Machine".

The Finest Gourmet Quality Coffee beans

Your Coffee Concierge will keep you constantly supplied with our 100% Arabic Platinum Blend Gourmet freshroasted coffee beans. Our 5 star Concierge Coffee Service is currently enjoyed by more than 2,000 businesses where we currently provide over 6 million coffees every year.

Our Pay for What you use Policy

We do not rent, lease or sell machines, we maintain ownership at all times. We also do not force you into long term contracts and only charge you for the coffee you consume each week. Your workplace can now enjoy Xpresso Delight's 5 star Concierge Service for less than a third of the price you would normally pay for your favourite Latte or Cappuccino at a Cafe.

Coffee girl


(per week on average)

Who will pay for the coffees?

Are you the final decision maker?

What others are saying about the Xpresso Delight Difference...

Leanda Cant, Skye Recruitment

"At Skye Recruitment we are all big coffee drinkers and we love a great cup of coffee, with our office rapidly expanding we needed a coffee machine that could keep up with the demand but would also be hassle free for us. This is where Ashwin from Xpresso Delight North Lakes stepped in, we now have a coffee machine which consistently produces a wonderful cup of coffee . The machine itself couldn't be easier to use and there is always a queue of staff in the morning desperate for that much needed first cup of the day. Any problems relating to the machine are quickly fixed and nothing is too much trouble for Ashwin. We always look forward to seeing her friendly face every Monday morning when she services the machine and Ashwin often arrives with morning tea as well, who can say no to perfect coffee and cupcakes? In summary we are extremely impressed with the service we receive from Ashwin and we expect our coffee consumption to just grow and grow."

Leanda Cant. Office Manager. Skye Recruitment

Matt Dilks, ICars

"Just had our new Coffee Machine installed by Allan & Kay Having come from a large branch with a fantastic fully automatic Xpresso Delight Cappuccino machine to a small branch the new machine installed was a POD type. Never having used this type of machine before my first thoughts on the Coffee machine were somewhat hesitant. To use this type of machine it takes a little longer to make my favourite morning coffee having two steps to get my fix instead of one. After being used to just pushing one button it looked like it was going to be more work than it was. What we find now is that every coffee we make is incredibly consistent both in flavor and temperature and when our customers come in we turn into mini barristers, we love this machine now. This also really lightens the Sales situation with our customers and gives us more time to connect with them. I highly recommend the Xpresso Delight POD machine especially for smaller type offices like ours."

Matt Dilks. Sales Manager. ICars

How YOUR business can benefit using Xpresso Delight's 5 Star Coffee Service

A study in Australia found that coffee breaks were costing that nation’s economy $11.4 billion per year in lost productivity.

The US has 14 times as many people, that coffee menace is costing America $161.7 billion in lost productivity. "Washington Post – 2013"

Xpresso Delight has the Solution to keeping your staff productive and it's simpler than you could ever imagine.

Enjoy the kudos of greater employee satisfaction with real time productivity gains.

Employees stay in the workplace and remain focused on what's important to employers, their job.

What is the real cost to YOUR business if 50% of your employees go on 15 minute coffee walks twice a day?

Our service provides for unparalleled In-House Convenience and one your Staff and Clients will simply adore.

Our Vision is to deliver you the best Coffee experience that's Simple, Easy and Maintenance FREE.

Xpresso Delight is the largest independently AUSTRALIAN owned supplier of quality In-House Coffee Services.

Make our 5 Star Service your choice and Experience the Difference today...

Coffee systems

Our Corporate Coffee System

Our Corporate Coffee System includes:

An $7,000 Swiss made Jura X9 Coffee Machine.

Fully Automatic with 8 Coffee Selections.

Compressor Fridge, Accessories, Coffee Beans, Cups, Spoons and Sugar.

Personalised Weekly Service.

Workplaces enjoying over 150 Xpresso Delight coffees per week

Our SME POD Coffee System

Our SME POD Coffee System includes:

A $2,300 Italian made POD Coffee Machine.

Semi-Automatic with 6 Coffee Selections.

Cooler, Accessories and Xpresso Delight Coffee POD's.

Personalised Monthly Service.

Workplaces enjoying over 40 Xpresso Delight coffees per week


(per week on average)

Who will pay for the coffees?

Are you the final decision maker?


No obligation taste test offer of one full week with up to 500 Free Cappuccinos and Lattes is limited to businesses that employ a minimum of 15 full time employees at any one place of business.

If you have less than 15 full time employees Xpresso Delight at its sole discretion may offer you a different type of coffee machine to the one displayed and reserves the right to alter the offer to 250 Free Cappuccinos and Lattes.

Our offer of a no obligation taste test with a number of Free Cappuccinos and Lattes is not available to businesses with less than 5 full time employees at any one place of business.

* the offer of 80c per cup is plus any applicable sales tax and requires a minimum of coffees per week depending on machine type and a 2 year agreement signed.

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